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  • Free size 均码
    材质 66% 人造丝 / 34% 人造丝纤维
    袖长 53 厘米


    Material 66% rayon / 34% rayon fiber
    Chest 53cm
    Clothes length 45cm / 50cm
    Sleeve length 53 cm

    Product Details
    A knit vest that creates a trendy layered style.
    The cute and fresh look of the sailor color gives you a twist.
    The hemline has a difference between the front and back, so it gives a light impression.
    This season’s hottest item is definitely something you want to add to your wardrobe.

  • 材质:95% 棉 5% 聚氨酯

    S 码: 宽度: 37.5 长度: 58 袖长: 58 肩宽: 32 (cm)
    M 码: 宽度: 40 长度: 60 袖长: 60 肩宽: 33.5 (cm)


    A lovely pullover with a mellow frill on the high neck.
    It is also a nice point that it is comfortable to wear with elastic rib material.
    The calm color makes it easy to incorporate into coordination, and it is an item that can be used widely from casual to beautiful outfits.

  • Free size 均码
    胸围:48 长度:60 肩宽:27.5 长度:76.8
    材质:100% 棉
    Bust: 48 Length: 60 Shoulder width: 27.5 Yuki length: 76.8
    Material: 100% cotton

    100% 棉材质的丝滑舒适感使其成为日常使用的绝佳选择。
    A cut pullover with fluffy power shoulders that makes you feel feminine.
    The silky comfort of 100 cotton material makes it a great choice for daily use.
    The chic color and simple plain type make it easy to mix and match, making it a must-have item for your wardrobe.

  • Free size 均码
    宽度:59 长度:61/67 肩宽:61
    材质:主体涤纶 65% 棉 35% 罗纹部分涤纶 62% 棉 33% 聚氨酯 5%

    Width: 59 Length: 61/67 Shoulder width: 61
    Material: Body Polyester 65% Cotton 35% Rib part Polyester 62% Cotton 33% Polyuretan 5%


    气温高的时候可以搭配短袖T恤,气温稍微下降一点的时候可以搭配Ron T。

    A vest with a mellow feel, made from casual sweatshirts.
    The clean and open V-neck makes your face look sharp.
    The hemline with slits in the front and back is for light styling.
    It is easier to clean than a knit vest and you can wear it without worrying about fraying or getting caught.
    It is also a nice point that it is easy to use with calm color development ◎

    When the temperature is high, you can match it with a short-sleeved T-shirt, and when the temperature drops a little, you can match it with Ron T.
    The cut-and-sew inner + pants style is the most recommended outfit this season.

  • ■ 尺寸:F
    ■ 材质:正面面料 涤纶 65% 人造丝 35% 背面面料 涤纶 100%

    ■ Size: F
    ■ Material: Front fabric Polyester 65% Rayon 35% Back fabric Polyester 100%

    A skirt with a checkered pattern and an elegant classical finish.
    The pleats that move and change the look when you walk are also nice details ◎ The waist part is made of full rubber, so it fits well and is comfortable to wear.
    It is an item that can be used regardless of the scene, not only for daily use, but also for dates and girls-only gatherings.

  • Sale

    A high neck pullover made with a light ridge knit.
    An elegant and mature design with a tall neck. The plump and voluminous sleeves are also a cute point.
    The long length on the hips also has a style cover effect ◎ You can also enjoy dressing arrangements such as waist marking with your own belt.
    Acrylic 100%
    Size Width Length Sleeve length Hem width
    F 119 front 59 back 62 76 50

  • A cardigan accented with a modern color scheme.
    The gold button that shines elegantly also adds a high-quality mood. The all-needle knit made of rayon-blended material that looks beautiful gives you a supple and comfortable fit.
    It is a reliable wardrobe ally that can be used not only for daily use but also for beautiful dressing such as dates and offices.

    Width (cm): 94 Length (cm): 58 Sleeve length (cm): 57.5

  • A pin-tuck tunic that uses delicate lace to create an elegant lady impression.
    The loose silhouette of the round hem naturally covers your body shape.
    Depending on the items to match, you can enjoy a wide range of coordination from casual to girly styling.

    Body 100% cotton lace part 100% cotton

    Size Width Length Sleeve length Shoulder width
    F 52 70 51.5 51

Showing 1–8 of 145 results