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  • Glen check x simple plain reversible design beret.
    For an accent that makes the synthetic leather piping look good. It is also a nice point to be able to adjust the fit by squeezing the ribbon.
    Items that are useful for a wide range of styling, from casual to beautiful outfits.

    Outer fabric Polyester cotton Other back fabric Polyester acrylic Other accessories Synthetic leather

    Size height width
    F 6.5cm 25cm

  • A marine cap made of twill with a firm and firm feel.
    You can expect a casual small face effect with a voluminous silhouette.
    With a minimalist design without decoration, it is an item that can be widely used from casual to beautiful styles.

    100% cotton

    Size width
    F 25cm (around the head)

  • Wide belt with double buckle for a cool accent.
    The front cutting also adds a sharp impression with an edge. The back is switched with a rubber material, and it can be easily attached and detached with a snap button.
    It is an accent item that will give you a sharp look just by incorporating it into your styling.

    Synthetic leather

    Size Overall length Width
    F 99cm 6.2cm

  • A wide type belt that tightens the waist.
    The attractive point is the slender buckle part and the stylish design with a sharp feeling ◎
    Not only for bottom matching, but also for waist marks such as dresses and long shirts.

    Synthetic leather

    Size Overall length Width
    F 70 ~ 80cm 6.3cm

  • A skirt with a fashionable pattern that adds personality to your outfit.
    The elastic waist makes it comfortable to wear. A variety of styling will come true depending on the tops you coordinate.

    Front fabric 100% cotton Back fabric 100% cotton

    Size Waist Hip Total Length
    F 30 65 90

  • A fashionable long shirt with a natural and relaxed silhouette.
    The side ribbon creates a casual femininity.
    Uses smooth and silky rayon linen material for an elegant look.
    It is a recommended item that you can wear this season just by incorporating it.

    Rayon 86% Hemp 14%

    Size Width Length Sleeve length Shoulder width
    F 35.5 80 20 61

  • A blouse with a sheer feel that gives you a trendy mood.
    The sharp design makes a stylish outfit.
    The light form with gathers makes it easy to incorporate.
    It is a noteworthy item that completes the styling with originality.

    Regenerated Fiber (Cellulose) 85% Polyester 15%

    Size Width Length Sleeve length Shoulder width
    F 60 68 33 56

  • A cute skipper blouse with a plump volume sleeve.
    The 2-way specification with a D-can belt makes it an attractive point to enjoy arranging. The loose silhouette that can be worn loosely creates a relaxing mood.
    Coordination with wide pants and flared skirts is also recommended.

    Polyester 95% Polyurethane 5%

    Size Width Length Sleeve length Sleeve length Shoulder width
    F 55 64/67 32.5 / 17 55.5 / 40 46


Showing 1–8 of 164 results