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Yecca Vecca 7A17L2C1000 Ridge knit with collar 休闲慵懒翻领针织套头衫

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■ 尺寸:F 尺寸 均码
胸围:60 长度:67 肩宽:53 由纪长度:74.5
■ 材质:涤纶58% 腈纶39% 聚氨酯3%
■ Size: F size
Bust: 60 Length: 67 Shoulder width: 53 Yuki length: 74.5
■ Material: Polyester 58% Acrylic 39% Polyurethane 3%
A knit with a collar design that creates an atmosphere that is typical of this season.
It is a piece that gives off a rich expression with a ridged knitting with a surface feeling.
The hemline with front and back difference makes a light styling.
It is a noteworthy item that shifts your usual outfit to an original look.

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Black, Off White


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