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YECCA VECCA Shear layered knit vest 7a16l2c0200


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◆ point
This season, the first place that can coolly incorporate the trendy layered style. You can enjoy mode styling by switching the asymmetry and the ribbon on the side. The transparent high-gauge knitted fabric gives a feminine and sophisticated impression. A summer knit that looks like a summer knit is a must-have item.

◆ fabric
It is a cool material with a crisp feeling. It’s moderately transparent and not unpleasant, so it’s ideal for adult casual styles. It has good breathability and makes it look neat with a knit fabric with a feeling of falling. Easy care that can be taken care of at home, so it is useful in the summer.

◆ coordinate
The long design hides the hips, so it goes well with slim pants. YECCA-like styling with pleated skirts and wide pants is also recommended. You can enjoy long styling such as shirt layering in early autumn while wearing it with a camisole during the summer.

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Gray Beige, Light Beige


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