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YECCA VECCA 7A14L0Z0940 P.2way 短外套 帽子可拆卸款 P.2way short coat


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■ 尺寸:F
胸围52 衣长62.5 袖长59.5 肩宽38
■ 材质:正面面料羊毛 73% 尼龙 27% 背面面料 涤纶 100%
因为它是带有可拆卸风帽的 2 路规格,所以可以随意或漂亮地穿着。
■ Size: F
Bust 52 Length 62.5 Sleeve length 59.5 Shoulder width 38
■ Material: Front fabric 73% Nylon 27% Back fabric Polyester 100%
A coat with a clean short length and a well-balanced outfit.
As it is a 2-way specification with a removable hood, it can be worn casually or beautifully.
The point is that it is a fly tailoring that adds a smart look.
It is an item that is sure to be a heavy rotation, which is nice because it is a plain color and easy to match.

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Blue, Light Beige


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