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YECCA VECCA Hem gather cut dress 7a16l1h0100 Yellow


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◆ point
A dress with a gathered hem accent. One piece that looks feminine while being comfortable and relaxing is a must-have item. The size does not pick up the line of the body, but it has a neat impression, and the hem volume has a style-up effect. ◎ The front and rear 2-way specifications allow you to change the neck according to your mood and coordination.

◆ fabric
The smooth texture with a slight luster gives a feminine impression. As it is made of cotton, it is the best fit for summer.

◆ coordinate
It is a design that is easy to arrange with a haori, a hat, and summer accessories that change the impression. Also pay attention to the long length that leads to an elegant casual outfit.

75% cotton 25% polyester

Size Width Length Shoulder width
F 50 120 38

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