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Yecca Vecca 7A14L2C0140 P. Shirt Layered Knit Vest P. 衬衫分层针织背心


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■ 尺寸:F
胸围背心 50 衬衫 54.3 长度 衬衫 69.5 长度背心 64
袖长衬衫55.5 肩宽背心42 衬衫38
■ 材质:背心涤30% 腈纶27% 人造丝25% 尼龙18% 上衣涤80% 棉20%
■ Size: F
Bust Vest 50 Shirt 54.3 Length Shirt 69.5 Length Vest 64
Sleeve length shirt 55.5 Shoulder width vest 42 shirt 38
■ Material: Vest polyester 30% Acrylic 27% Rayon 25% Nylon 18% Blouse polyester 80% Cotton 20%
A set of knit vest and shirt that gives you a trendy layered style just by incorporating it.
The side ribbon gives a casual and sweet look.
The fluffy sleeves create a feminine atmosphere.
It is an excellent item that goes well with both skirts and pants and can be used in a variety of ways.

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Black, Mocha, Off White


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