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earth music&ecology 1C13L2D0640 绑绳轻薄针织开衫 Back Drost Topper Cardigan


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材质:50% 腈纶 50% 棉
宽度:70 厘米长度:前 78 厘米,后 80 厘米
袖长:42 厘米肩宽:65 厘米

带有缺失感的轮廓营造出轻松的心情。 通过挤压渣滓,您可以享受轮廓的变化。
Material: 50% acrylic 50% cotton
free size
Width: 70 cm Length: 78 cm in front and 80 cm in back
Sleeve length: 42 cm Shoulder width: 65 cm

A topper cardigan with a back dross that can be worn comfortably.
The silhouette with a feeling of lacking creates a relaxed mood. By squeezing the dross, you can enjoy the change of silhouette.
It is an item that fits well in coordination with a calm color, and is useful both casually and beautifully.


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Black, Ecru, Blue Green, Yellow


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