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earth music&ecology 1C13L0L0130 满版印刷裁剪裁长裙 Chintz flower print skirt


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材质:正面面料 100% 人造丝背面面料 100% 涤纶
腰宽 : 41 厘米
裙长 : 88 厘米
轻轻摇摆的蓬松喇叭线营造出女性化的氛围。 腰部背部有松紧带,穿着舒适。

Material: Front fabric 100% rayon Back fabric 100% polyester
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Waist width 41 cm
Skirt length 88 cm
An elegant chintz skirt with a flower print that wears an elegant mood.
The fluffy flare line that sways lightly creates a feminine atmosphere. The waist is elastic at the back so it is comfortable to wear.
It is an item that can be styled elegantly with chic colors and will be useful regardless of whether it is on or off.


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