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earth music&ecology 1C13L0H0600 植物印花V领收腰短袖洋装 Botanical print dress


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颜色 color: black 黑色
尺寸:均码宽度:45 长度:120
材质:正面面料 100% 涤纶 背面面料 100% 涤纶
略微透明的轻质材料营造出季节性外观。 腰身切换到更高的位置,同时也辅助了长腿造型的效果。

Size: Free size Width: 45 Length: 120
Material: Front fabric 100% polyester Back fabric 100% polyester
A botanical print dress with a romantic mood.
The slightly transparent and light material creates a seasonal look. The waist is switched at a higher position, and it also assists in the long-legged style-up effect.
Not only for everyday use, but also for dates and girls-only gatherings, it is a nice item for adult girls.

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