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earth music&ecology 1C03L0F0430 廓形舒适阔腿裤 Georgette Tuck Flare Scarcho


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free size 均码
Waist 腰围: 66
total length总长: 77
Inseam width臀围: 42
Hem width 下摆宽度: 42.8
Material: 100% polyester

Scarcho finished in an elegant flared silhouette created by tack.
Using a soft georgette fabric that looks beautiful, the design is elegant and sophisticated. By making only the back part of the waist part with rubber gather specifications, it keeps a proper feeling while being comfortable to wear ◎
It is an item that can be used in a wide range of situations, from daily to office.


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Black, Beige, Dark Green, Mustard


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