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earth music&ecology 1B13L1C1600 素面蓬袖剪裁纯棉圆领长袖上衣 Power shoulder cut pullover


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胸围:48 长度:60 肩宽:27.5 长度:76.8
材质:100% 棉
Bust: 48 Length: 60 Shoulder width: 27.5 Yuki length: 76.8
Material: 100% cotton

100% 棉材质的丝滑舒适感使其成为日常使用的绝佳选择。
A cut pullover with fluffy power shoulders that makes you feel feminine.
The silky comfort of 100 cotton material makes it a great choice for daily use.
The chic color and simple plain type make it easy to mix and match, making it a must-have item for your wardrobe.


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Black, Blue, Light Gray, Off White


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