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Earth music & ecology 1B21L2C1130 2way系带套头针织衫2way lace-up pullover


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■ 2 种套头衫,您可以在任一前面享受。
系带提升女士心情的点。 不会感觉紧绷的廓形,可以舒适地穿出它,感觉舒适。
■ 材质:涤纶99% 聚氨酯1%


■ free size
■ A 2-way pullover that you can enjoy with either front.
The point where lace-up enhances the lady’s mood. With a silhouette that doesn’t feel tight, you can style it comfortably and feel comfortable.
It is an item that matches a wide range of coordination, from casual to beautiful styles.
■ Material: Polyester 99% Polyurethane 1%



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Light Beige, Sax


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