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  • A fashionable long shirt with a natural and relaxed silhouette.
    The side ribbon creates a casual femininity.
    Uses smooth and silky rayon linen material for an elegant look.
    It is a recommended item that you can wear this season just by incorporating it.

    Rayon 86% Hemp 14%

    Size Width Length Sleeve length Shoulder width
    F 35.5 80 20 61

  • A blouse with a sheer feel that gives you a trendy mood.
    The sharp design makes a stylish outfit.
    The light form with gathers makes it easy to incorporate.
    It is a noteworthy item that completes the styling with originality.

    Regenerated Fiber (Cellulose) 85% Polyester 15%

    Size Width Length Sleeve length Shoulder width
    F 60 68 33 56

  • A cute skipper blouse with a plump volume sleeve.
    The 2-way specification with a D-can belt makes it an attractive point to enjoy arranging. The loose silhouette that can be worn loosely creates a relaxing mood.
    Coordination with wide pants and flared skirts is also recommended.

    Polyester 95% Polyurethane 5%

    Size Width Length Sleeve length Sleeve length Shoulder width
    F 55 64/67 32.5 / 17 55.5 / 40 46

  • A skipper neck blouse with a pin-tuck and expressive finish.
    The airy fabric with a sense of sheerness makes it comfortable to wear, and the loose silhouette without tightening can be expected to have a body cover effect.
    It goes well with both casual denim styles and lady skirts, and is useful as the leading role in coordination.

    100% cotton

    Size Width Length Sleeve length Sleeve length Shoulder width
    F 58.5 79 50 77.5 55

  • ◆ point
    This season, the first place that can coolly incorporate the trendy layered style. You can enjoy mode styling by switching the asymmetry and the ribbon on the side. The transparent high-gauge knitted fabric gives a feminine and sophisticated impression. A summer knit that looks like a summer knit is a must-have item.

    ◆ fabric
    It is a cool material with a crisp feeling. It’s moderately transparent and not unpleasant, so it’s ideal for adult casual styles. It has good breathability and makes it look neat with a knit fabric with a feeling of falling. Easy care that can be taken care of at home, so it is useful in the summer.

    ◆ coordinate
    The long design hides the hips, so it goes well with slim pants. YECCA-like styling with pleated skirts and wide pants is also recommended. You can enjoy long styling such as shirt layering in early autumn while wearing it with a camisole during the summer.

  • A shirt dress that gives you a strong presence.
    The color ribs switched from the back to the sleeves are stylish and have a great impact. It’s a nice place to be able to style smartly with the I-line silhouette.
    It is a unique item that is decided to be a playful and comfortable outfit.

    Outer fabric 100% cotton rib part Polyester 98% Polyurethane 2%

    Size Width Length Sleeve length Sleeve length Shoulder width Waist Hip Hem width
    F 59 108.3 54 79.3 50 133.2 135 69.9

  • A fashionable T-shirt with an original logo print that is offset up and down to add personality to your styling.
    The fluffy and light tulle look creates a fresh outfit. The bold print turns on a cool mood.
    It is an item that leads to a more stylish casual style.

    Front fabric Nylon 89% Polyester 11% Back fabric 100% cotton

    Size Width Length Sleeve length Shoulder width
    F 124cm front / back 66cm / 71.5cm 23cm 58.5cm

  • A hoody shirt that leads to original styling.
    The sheer linen material will lighten the coming season. The dolman sleeve that makes your shoulders look neat is also a point.
    It is an item that can be used not only for casual styles but also for beautiful outfits.

    100% hemp

    Size Width Length Sleeve length Shoulder width
    F 72.5 67 62.8 49


Showing 1–8 of 29 results