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  • ■ 尺寸:F 均码
    胸围 60 长度 110 肩宽 56 由纪长度 77
    ■ 材质:正面面料 73% 尼龙 27% 背面面料 涤纶 100%
  • A skirt made of kersey material with an elegant brushed feel.
    The flared silhouette with wide hem adds a feminine impression while the waist area looks neat.
    With chic colors and a simple design, it is a nice item for adults and girls who can play an active part in a wide range of styling, from daily casual to beautiful outfits.

    Outer fabric wool 58% Rayon 32% Polyester 7% Nylon 3% Back fabric Polyester 100%

    Size Waist Hip Total length
    S 58cm 88cm 50cm
    M 62cm 90cm 51cm

  • 尺寸:F 均码
    腰围:63 臀围:187 总长度:79
    材质:主体涤纶77% 人造丝17% 聚氨酯6% 图案部分涤纶99% 涤纶1% 背面面料涤纶100%
    SIZE: F
    Waist: 63 Hips: 187 Total length: 79
    Material: Body Polyester 77% Rayon 17% Polyurethane 6% Pattern part Polyester 99% Polyester 1% Back fabric Polyester 100%
    A skirt with a high-impact design that is perfect for a twisted look.
    The pleats neatly put together a rich expression that mixes patterns.
    The non-stressed waist rubber specifications make it extremely comfortable to wear.
    It is an item that can be worn just by coordinating simple tops.
  • A skirt with a fluttering flare hem that gives off a girly mood.
    The casual herringbone pattern adds depth to the style.
    It is also a point that the leg line is shown beautifully with a cute mini length.
    This season’s hot item, with just the right amount of sweetness, leads to a fresh look.

    Outer fabric Polyester 54% Cotton 15% Acrylic 12% Rayon 6% Polyurethane 6% Nylon 5% Hair 2% Back fabric Polyester 100%

    Size Waist Hip Total length
    S 58cm 86cm 49cm
    M 62cm 90cm 49.5cm

  • ■ 尺寸:F 均码
    胸围:50 长度:110 肩宽:50 由纪长度:80
    ■ 材质:正面面料羊毛 73% 尼龙 27% 背面面料 涤纶 100%
    ■ Size: F
    Bust: 50 Length: 110 Shoulder width: 50 Yuki length: 80
    ■ Material: Front fabric 73% Nylon 27% Back fabric Polyester 100%
    A coat with a contrasting color scheme that adds personality.
    The hood is removable, and it’s nice to wear it in 2 ways.
    For a more attractive look with a twisted back-shank look.
    It is a noteworthy item that leads to a casual and strong styling.
  • A jumper skirt with a sharp V-neck that gives it a stylish look.
    It is a piece that can be dressed elegantly like an adult with a clean silhouette.
    The casually applied back slit adds a sense of omission to the silhouette.
    It is an item that you can enjoy the outfit, whose impression changes depending on the tops you match.

    Polyester 64% Rayon 32% Polyurethane 4%

    Size Width Length Shoulder width Hem width
    F 49 117 40 54

  • ■ 尺寸:F 均码
    胸围51.5cm 身高ma 54cm 全长61cm
    ■ 材质:涤纶50% 人造丝50%
    ■ Size: F
    Bust 51.5cm Height Ma 54cm Ushiro 61cm
    ■ Material: Polyester 50% Rayon 50%
    A dolman sleeve knit that makes you feel relaxed and relaxed.
    Buttons designed on the cuffs add an accent to your outfit.
    A piece that makes the décolletage look feminine and beautiful with a clean opening neckline.
    It is an item with outstanding turning power that can be used regardless of whether it is on or off.
  • Straight silhouette pants that show off the leg lines.
    The brushed back material with heat retention keeps you comfortable when you wear it.
    It is a nice point that it has a back rubber specification that combines a neat look and a comfortable wearing comfort.
    With a simple design, this item is the basis for dressing.


    99% cotton 1% polyurethanesize

    M size
    Waist Hip width Hem width Inseam
    63 98 15.2 20.5 69




Showing 1–8 of 54 results