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  • 尺码:S/M
    腰围:65-95(橡胶规格)cm / 69-99(橡胶规格)cm
    臀围:103cm / 107cm
    总长:95cm / 97cm
    下裆:64.5cm / 66cm
    大腿围:31cm / 32.5cm
    下摆宽:23.5cm / 24.5cm
    材质:100% 涤纶
    高腰规格,让你的腿看起来更长。 中压让腿部线条显得灵动。

    Size: S / M
    S / M:
    Waist: 65-95 (rubber specification) cm / 69-99 (rubber specification) cm
    Hips: 103cm / 107cm
    Total length: 95cm / 97cm
    Inseam: 64.5cm / 66cm
    Thigh circumference: 31cm / 32.5cm
    Hem width: 23.5cm / 24.5cm
    Material: 100% polyester
    Pants that create an elegant femininity with an elegant semi-flared silhouette.
    High waist specifications that make your legs look longer. The center press makes the leg line look smart.
    Feminine and fragrant gentle pastel colors make it attractive to coordinate and style well.

  • Pants with a tapered silhouette that makes your leg lines look neat.
    The smart form with the center press gives an elegant impression. The stretchy material is comfortable to wear, and the elastic at the back of the waist gives you a sense of security.

    Polyester 68% Rayon 30% Polyurethane 2%

    Size Waist Hip Total length Inseam width Hem width
    S 61-91 98 91 62.5 29 16
    M 66-96 103 93 63.5 30 16.5
    L 71-101 108 95 64.5 31 17

  • High-waisted tapered pants with a long leg effect.
    You can add a center press to add a proper feeling. It makes the leg line look neat and clean.
    It is an item that can be used in a wide range of on-off scenes, regardless of the taste of matching the sophisticated design.
    Polyester 88% Polyurethane 12%

    Size Waist Hip Total Length Inseam Width Hem Width
    M 70cm-77cm (rubber specification) 93cm 101cm 68.5cm 34cm 17.5cm

  • With a tapered silhouette design for ease of wearing with front tack
    Beautiful pants full of nice points that make your leg lines look beautiful.
    It’s also a nice point to make your abdomen look neat while giving your waist and thighs plenty of space.
    Because it uses a cool contact material, it can be worn comfortably even in the hot season.
    From everyday use to casual office use, this item can be used habitually regardless of whether it is on or off.
    Wide pants made of the same material are also recommended.

    Polyester 64% Rayon 34% Polyurethane 2%

    Size Waist Total length Inseam width Hem width
    S 33 89 58 32 16.5
    M 35.5 91 59.5 33.2 17.2
    L 38 93 61 34.4 17.5

  • free size 均码
    Waist 腰围: 66
    total length总长: 77
    Inseam width臀围: 42
    Hem width 下摆宽度: 42.8
    Material: 100% polyester

    Scarcho finished in an elegant flared silhouette created by tack.
    Using a soft georgette fabric that looks beautiful, the design is elegant and sophisticated. By making only the back part of the waist part with rubber gather specifications, it keeps a proper feeling while being comfortable to wear ◎
    It is an item that can be used in a wide range of situations, from daily to office.

Showing all 5 results