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  • Straight silhouette pants that make your leg lines look smart.
    It’s a wide type, so I’m happy that it’s comfortable to wear without overtightening. By using the center press, you can add a sense of chitin.
    The waist part has a rubber back for a sense of security.
    It is an item that is useful not only for daily use but also for office scenes.

    Polyester 65% Rayon 35%

    Size Waist Hip Total length Rise Inseam Width Hem width
    M [Rubber specifications] 66cm 92cm 97cm 34cm 64.5cm 29cm 20cm
    L [Rubber specifications] 68cm 94cm 99.5cm 34.5cm 65cm 30cm 20cm


  • A legipan made of brushed back material that is soft and soft to the touch and warm to wear.
    The tight silhouette that makes the leg line look neat is also a point ◎
    As it has stretchability, it is easy to move and styling is stress-free.
    With a simple design that is highly versatile, it is an item that can be used in a variety of outfits, both on and off.

    Rayon 76% Nylon 21% Polyurethane 3%

    Size Waist Hip Total length Rise Inseam Width Hem width
    S [Rubber specifications] 64cm 78cm 93.5cm 26cm 66cm 23cm 12.5cm
    M [Rubber specifications] 70cm 83cm 96.5cm 27cm 71cm 24cm 13.5cm
    L [Rubber specifications] 75cm 88cm 99cm 27.5cm 72.5cm 25cm 14.5cm

  • Denim pants with a beautiful silhouette with center slits and flares.
    The high-waisted type that gives you leg length, and the moderate flare under your knees creates a mature look.
    The casual design makes it easy to mix and match, regardless of whether it is on or off.
    100% cotton, which feels good on the skin, is also a nice point.

    100% cotton

    Size Waist Hip Total length Inseam width Hem width

    M 71cm 98cm 100cm 71.3cm 29.5cm 26cm


  • Retro cute high waist pants with a moderately loose silhouette.
    It is a nice point to use a soft brushed twill and a rubber waistline.
    Incorporating seasonal nuance colors, it has an outstanding presence.
    It is a piece that can be worn like a trend just by combining it with your tops.

    Polyester 98% Polyurethane 2%

    Size Waist Hip Total length Rise Inseam Width Hem width
    S [Rubber specifications] 61cm 100cm 96cm 36.5cm 64cm 33cm 16cm
    M [Rubber specifications] 65cm 109.5cm 99.5cm 37cm 65.5cm 35cm 16.5cm

  • High-waisted tapered pants with a long leg effect.
    You can add a center press to add a proper feeling. It makes the leg line look neat and clean.
    It is an item that can be used in a wide range of on-off scenes, regardless of the taste of matching the sophisticated design.
    Polyester 88% Polyurethane 12%

    Size Waist Hip Total Length Inseam Width Hem Width
    M 70cm-77cm (rubber specification) 93cm 101cm 68.5cm 34cm 17.5cm

  • free size 均码
    Waist 腰围: 66
    total length总长: 77
    Inseam width臀围: 42
    Hem width 下摆宽度: 42.8
    Material: 100% polyester

    Scarcho finished in an elegant flared silhouette created by tack.
    Using a soft georgette fabric that looks beautiful, the design is elegant and sophisticated. By making only the back part of the waist part with rubber gather specifications, it keeps a proper feeling while being comfortable to wear ◎
    It is an item that can be used in a wide range of situations, from daily to office.

Showing all 6 results