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  • A dress with an elegant and elegant impression with a total pattern print of adorable florets.
    Elegant high-necked specifications with modest exposure. The fluffy silhouette created by gathers gives a feminine impression.
    Not only for daily use, but also for dates and girls-only gatherings.

    100% polyester

    Size Width Length Sleeve length Shoulder width Waist Hem width
    F 54cm 122.5cm 57.5cm 35cm 62cm-111cm (rubber specification) 114cm

  • 颜色 color: black 黑色
    尺寸:均码宽度:45 长度:120
    材质:正面面料 100% 涤纶 背面面料 100% 涤纶
    略微透明的轻质材料营造出季节性外观。 腰身切换到更高的位置,同时也辅助了长腿造型的效果。

    Size: Free size Width: 45 Length: 120
    Material: Front fabric 100% polyester Back fabric 100% polyester
    A botanical print dress with a romantic mood.
    The slightly transparent and light material creates a seasonal look. The waist is switched at a higher position, and it also assists in the long-legged style-up effect.
    Not only for everyday use, but also for dates and girls-only gatherings, it is a nice item for adult girls.

  • An elegant skirt with light chiffon pleats that sways softly.
    The waist is made entirely of rubber, which gives a good fit and is comfortable to wear. The long length that can be styled elegantly is also a point.
    It is an item that can be used not only for daily use but also for a wide range of occasions such as dates and offices.

    100% polyester

    Size Width Length Sleeve length
    F 52 70 68

  • 超适合早春的镂空针织长裙,优雅气质感、精致感满满!附有吊带内搭,无需担心走光问题哟!
    材質 嫘縈88%/尼龍12% 裡布:聚酯纖維100%
    胸寬 45cm
    衣長 115cm
    肩寬 37cm

  • A comfortable dress with a soft and warm back brushed material.
    The loose, long silhouette makes it an attractive point to wear relaxedly. ◎ The back slit adds a light nuance to your feet.
    It is an item that you can enjoy various outfits, such as wearing it simply, marking the waist with your own belt, and layering it with the bottom.

    Body Polyester 71% Cotton 29% Rib Part Polyester 61% Cotton 35% Polyurethane 4%




  • A dress with a soft drape silhouette that has plenty of gathers.
    The flared silhouette that sways softly enhances the feminine femininity. It’s also nice to casually cover the body line.
    Not only can you wear it lightly and simply, but you can also enjoy changing your facial expression by matching it with your own accessories and belt.

    F: Bust 109cm Length 112cm Sleeve length 44cm

    :100% polyester

  • free size 均码
    Width 宽度: 52
    Height 高度: 110
    shoulder width 肩宽: 52

    Material: 100% cotton
    A long-length dress that can be coordinated with just one piece.
    Sleeveless is useful for layering style. Uses the popular waffle material for outstanding comfort ◎
    With a simple design that can be used for unique accessories, it is one that is useful for daily use.

  • free size 均码
    bust 胸围: 48cm
    Length 长度:110cm
    Sleeve Length 袖长:26cm
    shoulder width 肩宽:37cm
    Garment pieces 裾幅:60cm

    Adult casual dress with accented buttons on the side hem.
    A simple round neck that makes your neck look neat. With a long silhouette that drops quickly, you can dress up smartly.
    It becomes a slit by removing the button, and layered outfits with skirts and pants are also recommended.

Showing all 8 results