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  • A knit dress with a cable pattern that looks elegant and classic.
    The low-exposure high neck is also the key to making your outfit look neat. By emphasizing the vertically long lines, the silhouette is also smartly produced.
    Of course you can simply wear it as a dress, but we also recommend layered outfits with bottoms.

    100% polyester

    Size Width Length Sleeve length Shoulder width Waist Hip
    F 52cm 105cm 54cm 51cm 101cm 106cm

  • A knit dress with an attractive I-line silhouette that can be styled smartly.
    The high neck and three-dimensional center line are also important points. Despite its long length, it has a back slit for a light nuance.
    Of course you can wear it simply, but we also recommend layered outfits with bottoms such as skinny.

    Polyester 59% Nylon 34% Acrylic 7%

    Size Width Length Sleeve length Shoulder width
    F 52 112/115 48 50

  • A dress with a feminine A-line silhouette.
    The hood-like neck design adds a moderate amount of roughness. The raglan switching sleeve is also attractive because it is easy to move.
    The soft and warm comfort of the brushed back material is an item that is likely to increase the daily habitual use rate.

    Body Polyester 68% Cotton 32% Rib part Polyester 61% Cotton 35% Polyuretan 4%

    Size Width Length Sleeve length Waist Hip
    F 51cm 114cm 78cm 101cm 105cm

  • A two-piece set that combines a shirt dress with a cute frilled collar and a knit with a cable pattern.
    A lady-like design with an elegant sweetness is also an attractive point. The vest has a French-like silhouette on the shoulders that gives it a delicate look.
    It is a great value item that can be worn as a set or as a single item, and the wardrobe is also moisturized.
    Vest Acrylic 100% One Piece Polyester 65% Cotton 35%
    Size Width Length Sleeve length Shoulder width Hem width
    F Best 55 Shirt 50.5 Best 68 Shirt F107B110 Shirt 58 Best 55 Shirt 40 Shirt 49 Shirt 65

  • 超适合早春的镂空针织长裙,优雅气质感、精致感满满!附有吊带内搭,无需担心走光问题哟!
    材質 嫘縈88%/尼龍12% 裡布:聚酯纖維100%
    胸寬 45cm
    衣長 115cm
    肩寬 37cm


Showing all 5 results