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裙子 Skirts


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  • 尺寸:F 均码
    腰围:63 臀围:187 总长度:79
    材质:主体涤纶77% 人造丝17% 聚氨酯6% 图案部分涤纶99% 涤纶1% 背面面料涤纶100%
    SIZE: F
    Waist: 63 Hips: 187 Total length: 79
    Material: Body Polyester 77% Rayon 17% Polyurethane 6% Pattern part Polyester 99% Polyester 1% Back fabric Polyester 100%
    A skirt with a high-impact design that is perfect for a twisted look.
    The pleats neatly put together a rich expression that mixes patterns.
    The non-stressed waist rubber specifications make it extremely comfortable to wear.
    It is an item that can be worn just by coordinating simple tops.
  • A dress with a feminine A-line silhouette.
    The hood-like neck design adds a moderate amount of roughness. The raglan switching sleeve is also attractive because it is easy to move.
    The soft and warm comfort of the brushed back material is an item that is likely to increase the daily habitual use rate.

    Body Polyester 68% Cotton 32% Rib part Polyester 61% Cotton 35% Polyuretan 4%

    Size Width Length Sleeve length Waist Hip
    F 51cm 114cm 78cm 101cm 105cm

  • A two-piece set that combines a shirt dress with a cute frilled collar and a knit with a cable pattern.
    A lady-like design with an elegant sweetness is also an attractive point. The vest has a French-like silhouette on the shoulders that gives it a delicate look.
    It is a great value item that can be worn as a set or as a single item, and the wardrobe is also moisturized.
    Vest Acrylic 100% One Piece Polyester 65% Cotton 35%
    Size Width Length Sleeve length Shoulder width Hem width
    F Best 55 Shirt 50.5 Best 68 Shirt F107B110 Shirt 58 Best 55 Shirt 40 Shirt 49 Shirt 65

  • 材质:正面面料 100% 人造丝背面面料 100% 涤纶
    腰宽 : 41 厘米
    裙长 : 88 厘米
    轻轻摇摆的蓬松喇叭线营造出女性化的氛围。 腰部背部有松紧带,穿着舒适。

    Material: Front fabric 100% rayon Back fabric 100% polyester
    free size
    Waist width 41 cm
    Skirt length 88 cm
    An elegant chintz skirt with a flower print that wears an elegant mood.
    The fluffy flare line that sways lightly creates a feminine atmosphere. The waist is elastic at the back so it is comfortable to wear.
    It is an item that can be styled elegantly with chic colors and will be useful regardless of whether it is on or off.

  • 超适合早春的镂空针织长裙,优雅气质感、精致感满满!附有吊带内搭,无需担心走光问题哟!
    材質 嫘縈88%/尼龍12% 裡布:聚酯纖維100%
    胸寬 45cm
    衣長 115cm
    肩寬 37cm

  • 材質 聚酯纖維100% 內裡:聚酯纖維100%
    腰圍 64~96cm
    臀圍 96cm
    總長 88cm

  • A flared skirt with a floral print that gives it a classic feel.
    The fluffy silhouette of the hem switching creates a romantic atmosphere. It adds a gorgeous look to your outfit.
    By making the waist rubber only at the back, it is finished in a neat look while being comfortable to wear.
    It is an item that is useful not only for everyday use but also for dates and girls-only gatherings.

    Front fabric 100% polyester Back fabric 100% polyester

    Size Waist Hip Total Length
    F 32 54 81.5

  • free size
    West 腰部: 33.5
    Hips 臀围: 85
    Total Length 总长度: 82
    Material: Outer fabric 61% cotton 39% rayon Lining 100% polyester

    A skirt with a light impression in a check soccer field with an expression.
    The semi-flared silhouette that spreads softly creates an elegant and elegant atmosphere. The waist is made of rubber for a good fit and is comfortable to wear.
    The calm color makes it easy to incorporate into coordination, and it seems to be useful for daily use.

Showing all 8 results