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裙子 Skirts


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  • A skirt with a fashionable pattern that adds personality to your outfit.
    The elastic waist makes it comfortable to wear. A variety of styling will come true depending on the tops you coordinate.

    Front fabric 100% cotton Back fabric 100% cotton

    Size Waist Hip Total Length
    F 30 65 90

  • A fluffy sheer dress with a camisole-type inner set ◎
    The shirring of the waist tightens tightly, creating a crisp, feminine beauty style. The slight sheer feel of the skin creates an adult-ready look with a sense of sheerness.
    It is an item that is useful for dates and small calls.

    One-piece rayon 73% nylon 27% inner polyester 100%

    Size Width Length Sleeve length Shoulder width Waist
    F OP 65.5cm / Inner 44cm One-piece 121cm Inner 105cm One-piece 44cm One-piece 59cm OP66cm-112.5cm (Rubber specification)

  • A flared skirt with a floral print that gives it a classic feel.
    The fluffy silhouette of the hem switching creates a romantic atmosphere. It adds a gorgeous look to your outfit.
    By making the waist rubber only at the back, it is finished in a neat look while being comfortable to wear.
    It is an item that is useful not only for everyday use but also for dates and girls-only gatherings.

    Front fabric 100% polyester Back fabric 100% polyester

    Size Waist Hip Total Length
    F 32 54 81.5

  • A comfortable dress with a soft and warm back brushed material.
    The loose, long silhouette makes it an attractive point to wear relaxedly. ◎ The back slit adds a light nuance to your feet.
    It is an item that you can enjoy various outfits, such as wearing it simply, marking the waist with your own belt, and layering it with the bottom.

    Body Polyester 71% Cotton 29% Rib Part Polyester 61% Cotton 35% Polyurethane 4%




  • A knit dress with a cable pattern that gives an adult-like impression.
    The round neck that makes the neck look neat and the sleeve that is switched with rib knit are also important points.
    The fluffy, docked back pleats also create a feminine, feminine look.
    Even if you wear only one outfit, the high design that determines how you wear it is also attractive.

    Material Body Acrylic 100% Separate cloth part Polyester 91% Polyurethane 9%

    Size Width Length Sleeve length Shoulder width Hem width
    F 100 110 58 40 102

  • A skirt made of soft knit jacquard.
    The tight silhouette that looks neat creates an elegant adult femininity. Elastic waist makes it easy to wear ◎
    With a slit at the back, you can handle your feet smoothly.
    The simple design makes it easy to mix and match, and we recommend setting it up with the tops of the same series.

    Body Rayon 53% Polyester 30% Nylon 17% Rib part Cotton 96% Polyurethane 4%

    Size Waist Hip Total Length
    F rubber rise 33 48 77


  • Purple

    A skirt with a flared silhouette that gives you a sense of volume by switching panels.
    The mimore length is trend-like, making it feminine and elegant.
    It is a nice point that there are abundant color variations from basic colors to different colors.
    A versatile skirt that fits comfortably in any styling is a must-have item in your wardrobe.
    Front fabric 100% polyester Back fabric 100% polyester

    Size Waist Total length Hem width
    F 66cm 87cm 148cm

  • free size 均码

    Material: Outer fabric 100% polyester Lining 100% polyester

    腰围: 66 总长:98〜118 下摆宽度: 85 90

    A fashionable semi-flared skirt with a vintage-like pedicel print.
    The waist area is restrained from spreading, and the silhouette that spreads airy toward the hem is like this year, so you can wear it neatly and maturely.
    It can be combined with both knit and cut and sewn, which gives a feeling of great success in the long season.


Showing 1–8 of 24 results