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  • A pin-tuck tunic that uses delicate lace to create an elegant lady impression.
    The loose silhouette of the round hem naturally covers your body shape.
    Depending on the items to match, you can enjoy a wide range of coordination from casual to girly styling.

    Body 100% cotton lace part 100% cotton

    Size Width Length Sleeve length Shoulder width
    F 52 70 51.5 51

  • A 2-way tunic that can be worn even if the sleeves are rolled up.
    If you open the front button, it is a versatile item that can be used as a shirt that can be worn lightly when it is a little chilly with short sleeves!
    With a loose width and a long back, you can cover your body while dressing up.

    100% cotton

    Size Bust Length Sleeve length Shoulder width
    F 62cm 78 / 85cm 20cm 63cm

  • A tunic that is simple yet attention to detail.
    You can wear it femininely with a flared form that spreads softly and gently.
    The basic neckline keeps your neck clean and light.
    The drop shoulder that adds a slightly rough nuance is also a point item.

    100% cotton

    Size Width Length Sleeve length Shoulder width
    F 56cm 76cm 21cm 55m

  • 背面开衩针织 + 褶皱内里2件套





    尺寸 身宽 衣长 袖长 肩宽
    F 53cm 外69cm/内73cm 20.5cm 53.5cm

  • 气质爆表的一款上衣!木耳边格纹设计,精致感满满!格调十足!独特的船领设计,可以展现你迷人的锁骨!
    材質 聚酯纖維65%/棉35%
    胸圍 M:42.5 cm
    總長 M:53 cm
    袖長 M:30.5 cm
    肩寬 M:32 cm

  • One piece that makes you smile positively!
    [Message T-shirt that touches your heart]

    A T-shirt that incorporates a message that makes your heart positive with the theme of coexistence between nature and people.
    With a simple silhouette that is easy to incorporate, it is one that will play an active part in the coming season. An item that adds a nuanced look to casual outfits.
    You can wear it without choosing bottoms, so there is no doubt that it will be a heavy rotation!
    “Plants don’t care what they look like.
    They are growing straight towards the sky and just beautiful.”

    Body 100% cotton Collar 95% cotton 5% polyurethane
    Size Width Length Sleeve length Shoulder width
    F 46.5 59 21.5 37

  • The front eyelet lace enhances the lady mood.
    The long length and the silhouette of the hem that goes down at the back also create a casual feeling of lack. An attractive point is that it is comfortable to wear without tightening.
    In fact, this product is a great power-up of the popular earth standard item “Browsaw” every season!
    The entire surface of the fabric is made of Indian lace.
    Considering the characteristics of the embroidery machine, we combined large and small circles to express the trendy geometric pattern of this season.
    The design uses embroidery fabric on the entire front surface, and the lining is layered with cotton woven fabric so that the embroidery does not come into direct contact with the skin, so you can wear it without stress.
    For the cut and sew, we have selected a comfortable Tenjiku fabric.

    It is an item that you can enjoy a feminine look just by incorporating it into your outfit.
    Front side fabric 100% cotton Back side fabric 100% cotton
    Size Width Length Shoulder width
    F 62 69/79 68

  • Popular [High Neck Mellow Rib Pullover]
    Introducing the sleeveless type!
    An eye-catching accent with cute mellow frills.
    With a high neck that gives an elegant impression, the fabric is gentle and soft and fits your body ♪
    The elasticity in the horizontal direction peculiar to the rib creates outstanding comfort.
    Because it is a simple shape, you can use it regardless of the bottoms you have.

    97% cotton 3% polyurethane

    Size Width Length Length Sleeve length Sleeve length Shoulder width
    S 36.5 –58 —- 34
    M 39 –60 —- 35.2.

Showing 1–8 of 19 results