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  • A two-piece set of a transparent knit pullover and a short cardigan.
    A nice set that can be used as a separate item as well as coordinated together as a set ◎
    The loose silhouette is the point of Imadoki coordination!
    It goes well with the Korean outfits that have been attracting attention recently.

    Cardigan Acrylic 100% Pullover Acrylic 100%

    Size Width Length Sleeve length Shoulder width Hem width
    F Outer 53 cm Inner 53 cm Outer 44 cm Inner 55 cm Outer 53 cm Inner 49 cm Outer 54 cm Inner 54 cm Outer 52 cm Inner 53 cm

  • A cardigan with a three-dimensional Alan pattern knitted fabric with a rich expression.
    With a loose silhouette in season, both a feeling of mellowness and a relaxed mood are achieved.
    A light piece that can be worn quickly without buttons is also useful as a switch item at the turn of the season.

    Acrylic 100%

    Size Width Length Sleeve length Shoulder width
    F 60cm 63cm 77.5cm 60cm

  • 正反两穿的针织开衫,独特的钻石型编织,独特而又精致!最适合初冬这个季节的最潮单品!

    尺码 宽度 长度 袖长 肩宽 下摆宽度
    F 57cm 53cm 48.5cm 59cm 52cm

  • ■ 尺寸:F 均码
    胸围44 衣长54 袖长51.5 肩宽38
    ■ 材质:人造丝52% 涤纶27% 尼龙21%
    2way 规格的精美单品,您可以享受改变面部表情的乐趣。
    ■ Size: F
    Bust 44 Length 54 Sleeve length 51.5 Shoulder width 38
    ■ Material: Rayon 52% Polyester 27% Nylon 21%
    A cardigan with a cute pleated sleeve that creates a modern silhouette.
    It is a nice piece with 2way specifications that you can enjoy changing facial expressions.
    The neatly lined button design tightens the dress ◎
    It is a recommended item that can be used both femininely and casually.
  • 材质:腈纶 91% 涤纶 9%
    材质成分:腈纶 91% 涤纶 9%
    尺码:均码;袖长:34.2 英寸(86.5 厘米),宽度:22.4 英寸(57 厘米),长度:24.6 英寸(62)


    Material: Acrylic 91% Polyester 9%
    Material Composition: Acrylic 91% Polyester 9%
    Size: One size fits most; Sleeve length: 34.2 inches (86.5 cm), Width: 22.4 inches (57 cm), Length: 24.6 inches (62)

    A knit pullover with a light openwork design.
    Simply match it with a simple inner such as a camisole or tank top to create a trendy look.
    A moderately spacious silhouette makes it delicate.
    It is also a nice point to be able to care at home.+————–

  • ■ 尺码:F 胸围:64 肩宽:64 袖长:77
    ■ 材质:100% 亚克力



  • ■ 尺寸:F 均码
    ■ 材质:100% 涤纶
    ■ 针织开衫,柔软蓬松,拉绒质地柔和。
    粗犷的 V 线和落肩的外观赋予您现代感的单品。

    ■ Size: F
    ■ Material: 100% polyester
    ■ A knit cardigan with a soft volume and a gentle brushed texture.
    It is an item that gives you a modern look with a rough V line and a drop shoulder look.
    With a length that hides the hip line you care about well, the system cover is also ◎ Just by looking into the inner from the neck, the layered style will be finished with plenty of mellowness.
    Also pay attention to the nuanced color development.

  • ■ 均码
    F: 胸围5cm 衣长3cm 袖长74cm
    ■ 针织开衫采用可爱的蕾丝式镂空切换。
    柔软针织的温柔温暖的舒适感也很吸引人。 容易搭配任何单品的圆领也是重点。
    ■ 材质:腈纶80% 涤纶20%

    ■ free size
    F: Bust 5cm Length 3cm Sleeve length 74cm
    ■ Knit cardigan with cute lace-like openwork switching.
    The gentle and warm comfort of the soft knit is also attractive. The crew neck that is easy to match with any item is also a point.
    It is an item that you can enjoy coordinating both girly and beautiful.
    ■ Material: Acrylic 80% Polyester 20%


Showing 1–8 of 15 results