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  • 均码
    宽度:58cm 高度:F66cm B70cm
    袖长:46cm 肩宽:58cm

    材质:100% 亚克力
    让你的脸看起来干净利落的V领也是一个重点。 搭配素色,为造型增添了犀利感◎

    Free size
    Width: 58cm Height: F66cm B70cm
    Sleeve length: 46cm Sleeve length: 76.5cm Shoulder width: 58cm

    Material: 100% acrylic
    A cardigan with a chic jacquard weave for a modern look.
    The V-neck that makes your face look neat is also a point. In combination with plain color, it adds a sharp feeling to the styling ◎
    It is also attractive that you can style it comfortably with a loose oversize.
    We also have a set item of the same fabric vest + shirt tunic.

  • 材质:人造丝 70% 涤纶 21% 尼龙 9%
    尺寸 宽度 长度 袖长 肩宽
    S 32cm 54cm 24cm 30.5cm
    M 35cm 56cm 25cm 32cm


    Material: Rayon 70% Polyester 21% Nylon 9%
    size Width Length Sleeve length Shoulder width
    S 32cm 54cm 24cm 30.5cm
    M 35cm 56cm 25cm 32cm
    A high neck type rib knit with a cute mellow frill edging.
    It is a discerning item that pursues a shape that makes the silhouette of the body look beautiful.
    The ribbed material emphasizes the vertical lines, giving a smart impression just by wearing it ♪
    It is also a nice point to use a soft material that is familiar to the skin ◎

    With a simple design, we also offer a dull color that is easy to use.
    It is recommended not only to wear it as a single piece, but also to wear it as an inner layered outfit for shirts and camisole dresses.

  • 材质:人造丝 71% 涤纶 20% 尼龙 9%
    宽度:66cm 长度:68cm 袖长:76.5cm 肩宽:64.5cm


    Material: Rayon 71% Polyester 20% Nylon 9%
    Free size
    Width: 66cm Length: 68cm Sleeve length: 76.5cm Shoulder width: 64.5cm

    A simple cardigan that can be used for various styling.
    The big silhouette makes up a relaxed and mellow feeling.
    The clean opening neck design gives a sharp impression.
    It is an excellent item that can be worn casually as well as beautifully.

  • 材质:50% 腈纶 50% 棉
    宽度:70 厘米长度:前 78 厘米,后 80 厘米
    袖长:42 厘米肩宽:65 厘米

    带有缺失感的轮廓营造出轻松的心情。 通过挤压渣滓,您可以享受轮廓的变化。
    Material: 50% acrylic 50% cotton
    free size
    Width: 70 cm Length: 78 cm in front and 80 cm in back
    Sleeve length: 42 cm Shoulder width: 65 cm

    A topper cardigan with a back dross that can be worn comfortably.
    The silhouette with a feeling of lacking creates a relaxed mood. By squeezing the dross, you can enjoy the change of silhouette.
    It is an item that fits well in coordination with a calm color, and is useful both casually and beautifully.

  • 材质:主体 100% 棉结纱 100% 尼龙
    宽度:45 长度:44 肩宽:42

    系在前面的丝带也是一个可爱的口音。 短款的长度让你看起来很有风格也是一个重点。
    Material: Body 100% cotton knotted yarn 100% nylon
    free size
    Width: 45 Length: 44 Shoulder width: 42

    A knit vest with a flower-like crochet knit that gives a lovely impression.
    The ribbon tied at the front is also a cute accent. The short length that makes you look up in style is also a point.
    Layer it with a dress or long tops for a comfortable look.

  • 材质:亚克力 55% 尼龙 45%
    宽度:54cm 长度:47cm 袖长:49cm 肩宽:52cm

    Material: Acrylic 55% Nylon 45%
    free size
    Width: 54cm Length: 47cm Sleeve length: 49cm Shoulder width: 52cm

    A knit cardigan with a delicate openwork like lace to give an elegant impression.
    The comfortableness of wearing it with a light tape yarn is also an attractive point.
    It is an item that will give you a lady-like atmosphere just by adding one to your coordination.

  • A knit vest with lace-up accents.
    With a French-like silhouette on the shoulders, it also has a nice effect that makes the shoulders and upper arms look delicate.
    It is an item that you can enjoy a wide range of coordination, such as layering with high neck tops and blouses.

    Acrylic 100%

    Size Width Length Shoulder width
    F 108cm 67cm 62cm

  • Cardigan using ECOVERO rayon from Lenting.
    The loose silhouette makes it easy to layer, and the fabric has a soft touch that feels cool to the touch. Recommended for cooling in midsummer and as a haori in autumn!

    Rayon 63% Cotton 37%

    Size Width Length Sleeve length Shoulder width Hem width
    F 106 78 47 53 53


Showing 1–8 of 10 results