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  • A knit vest with lace-up accents.
    With a French-like silhouette on the shoulders, it also has a nice effect that makes the shoulders and upper arms look delicate.
    It is an item that you can enjoy a wide range of coordination, such as layering with high neck tops and blouses.

    Acrylic 100%

    Size Width Length Shoulder width
    F 108cm 67cm 62cm

  • Cardigan using ECOVERO rayon from Lenting.
    The loose silhouette makes it easy to layer, and the fabric has a soft touch that feels cool to the touch. Recommended for cooling in midsummer and as a haori in autumn!

    Rayon 63% Cotton 37%

    Size Width Length Sleeve length Shoulder width Hem width
    F 106 78 47 53 53

  • free size 均码
    胸围 Chest width: 120cm
    衣长 Length: Front 59 Back 62
    底宽 Bottom width : 50cm
    袖长 Sleeve length : 76cm
    Material: 100% acrylic

    A high neck pullover made with a light ridged knit that has a crisp feel.
    An adult-like design with an elegant tall neck. The fluffy and voluminous sleeves are also a cute point.
    The long length on the hips also has a style cover effect ◎ You can also enjoy dressing arrangements such as waist marking with your own belt.

  • free size 均码
    bust胸围: 88cm
    length长度: 73cm
    shoulder width肩宽: 47cm
    Garment pieces裾幅: 48cm
    材质: 人造丝100%
    material: Rayon 100%

    An adult casual tunic made from refreshing knit fabric.
    The belt of the waist mark supports the feminine silhouette. Lacy fabric realizes an elegant sheer feel.
    It is an excellent item that you can get by just combining it with your bottom.

Showing all 4 results