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  • ■ 尺寸:F 均码
    胸围:56 肩宽:57 由纪长度:74.5
    ■ 材质:套头衫亚克力59% 尼龙41% 背心亚克力59% 尼龙41%
    只需单件即可扩大穿着范围的 3 路针织。
    ■ Size: F
    Bust: 56 Shoulder width: 57 Yuki length: 74.5
    ■ Material: Pullover Acrylic 59% Nylon 41% Vest Acrylic 59% Nylon 41%
    A 3-way knit that expands the range of dressing just by incorporating one piece.
    A relaxed styling is completed with a relaxed silhouette.
    There is also a slit design that tightens your outfit.
    It is an item that is perfect for daily use and can be coordinated both beautifully and casually.
  • 尺码:F 均码
    胸围:54cm 袖长:49cm 肩宽:49cm 下摆宽:50cm
    材质:腈纶 47% 涤纶 30% 尼龙 23%


    Size: F
    Bust: 54cm Sleeve length: 49cm Shoulder width: 49cm Hem width: 50cm
    Material: Acrylic 47% Polyester 30% Nylon 23%

    A short two-t-pullover that adds a sense of elegance when switching back.
    The fluffy and voluminous sleeve creates a feminine and gentle look.
    The short length makes the waist look high, and the long-legged style-up effect is also boosted.
    The calm color makes it easy to match, and you can enjoy styling both casually and beautifully.

  • ■ 尺寸:F  均码
    胸围:55 长度:52 肩宽:54
    ■ 材质:腈纶35% 涤纶33% 尼龙32%
    ■ 简单易穿的针织背心。

    ■ Size: F
    Bust: 55 Length: 52 Shoulder width: 54
    ■ Material: Acrylic 35% Polyester 33% Nylon 32%
    ■ Simple and easy-to-wear knit vest.
    It’s nice to bring either front or back to the front ◎
    Since the knit vest is simple, it goes well with patterned shirts and key items.
    The armpits are not too clogged, so it is smooth and recommended to move.

  • free size 均码

    材质 : 棉100%
    胸宽: 77cm: 衣长 70cm
    袖长: 54.5cm 肩宽 : 55.5cm


    Material : Cotton 100%
    Chest width: 77cm: Length 70cm
    Sleeve length: 54.5cm Shoulder width: 55.5cm

    A blouse that adds a romantic mood to your outfit.
    The highly designed tack creates a styling that makes a difference from the surroundings.
    The fluffy form adds a feminine look.
    It is the perfect piece for a twisted outfit with attention to detail.

  • 材质:100% 涤纶

    The tunic has a feminine atmosphere with the pleated back that sways lightly.
    With a tunic length that can be taken in casually, it also casually covers the hip line ◎
    It is an item that is easy to match with chic colors and is useful regardless of whether it is on or off, from daily to office style.

    100% polyester

    Size Width Length Sleeve length Shoulder width
    F 104 79-85 55 46

  • 材质:人造丝 73% 尼龙 27%
    宽度:54cm 长度:73cm 袖长:53cm 肩宽:52.5cm

    您可以通过可以来回佩戴的 2 路规格享受广泛的协调,这也很有吸引力。
    下摆处的侧开衩增添了微妙的缺失感。 精致的缎带也增添了随意可爱的印象。

    Material: Rayon 73% Nylon 27%
    Free size
    Width: 54cm Length: 73cm Sleeve length: 53cm Shoulder width: 52.5cm

    A shirt made of a slightly glossy sheer material.
    It is also attractive that you can enjoy a wide range of coordination with the 2-way specification that can be worn back and forth.
    The side slits at the hem add a subtle feeling of lack. The delicate ribbon also adds a casual and adorable impression.
    The natural color makes it easy to incorporate into coordination, and it is the first item that can be styled casually or beautifully.

  • 以流行的荷叶边颜色提升成人可爱度的女式衬衫。

    A blouse that accelerates adult cuteness with trendy ruffle colors.
    As it is a smooth material, it feels good on the skin, and the voluminous frills can be expected to have a small face effect.
    It can be applied to both casual styling and styling that has been shifted to feminine as much as possible, so it is an excellent item that is indispensable for this season because it is easy to mix and match.

  • 一件带有甜美领口设计的衬衫,给人一种女性化的印象。
    可正面或正面佩戴的 2WAY 规格。
    A blouse with a sweet neck design that gives a feminine impression.
    The smooth texture of the thick material makes it look classic and elegant.
    2WAY specification that can be worn on either the front or the front.
    Widely used from work to date style.

Showing 1–8 of 10 results