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  • 永恒经典的气质款雪纺衫!前短后长设计,休闲或者优雅气质都可以驾驭!亲肤的雪纺质地,搭配背后的百褶拼接,精致感MAX!
    材質 聚酯纖維100%
    胸寬 52cm
    衣長 78cm/85cm
    袖長 37cm
    肩寬 46cm

  • A knit pullover with a deeply open round neck that creates a feeling of pulling out.
    It can be used as a cardigan with a 2-way specification that can be worn either front or back. Feminine and gentle design with voluminous sleeves and rounded hem.
    It is an item that fits nicely in coordination with a natural color and can be styled casually or beautifully.

    100% cotton

    Size Width Length Sleeve length Shoulder width
    F 124cm 62cm 54cm 48cm

  • A tunic with an airy silhouette for a soft and natural look.
    The back tiered design also creates a feminine femininity. Loose form and comfortable to wear ◎
    I am also happy with the easy care material that does not easily wrinkle. Fashionable styling is completed by simply matching it with pants.

    Rayon 100%

    Size Width Length Sleeve length Shoulder width
    F 63/83 72/88 45 63

  • A blouse with a relaxed and fluffy silhouette.
    The trendy volume sleeve creates a feminine atmosphere. A slightly sheer texture material adds a sense of omission.
    Not only for beautiful outfits, but also for denim, it gives you a modern balance.

    50% cotton 50% rayon

    Size Width Length Sleeve length Shoulder width
    F 72.5 72/75 51 61


  • A band collar shirt made from seasonal sheer material to create a light atmosphere.
    The fluffy silhouette creates a feminine and gentle impression. It also has a unique wrinkle feeling and gives a mood.
    Also pay attention to different designs such as simple solid colors and floral patterns.

    100% polyester

    Size Width Length Sleeve length Shoulder width
    F 61.3 76 (CB) 54 51.5

  • A knit cardigan with a 2-way design that can be worn back and forth for a wider range of dressing.
    The loose seasonal silhouette creates a casual feeling of omission. An item with a short length that is easy to balance and easy to mix and match.
    A reliable wardrobe ally that matches both casually and beautifully.

    100% polyester

    Size Width Length Sleeve length Shoulder width F 64 58 46.5 61.5

    Off White

  • free size 均码
    总长Total Length: 80/86 cm
    袖长Length of sleeve: 54 cm
    肩宽Shoulder width: 50 cm
    下摆宽度 hem width: 56/86 cm

    材质 : 嫘萦78%/尼龙22%
    Material : rayon 78% / nylon 22%

    A shirt blouse made of sheer material with an attractive luster and unique wrinkles.
    The seasonal band color that makes the neck look neat is also a point. The long length that covers the body line you care about is also nice.
    Including layered coordination, you can enjoy various styling by opening the front and replacing it with a haori coat.

  • free size 均码
    宽度 Width: 124
    长度 length :70.5
    袖长 Sleeve Length : 50
    肩宽 Shoulder width : 54.5
    下摆宽度 Hem width : 62
    Material: 100% polyester

    A tunic made from recycled PET bottles.
    The patch pockets on both chests give a sharp look. The skipper design neck that gives a sharp and sharp feeling around the face is also a point.
    There is also a feeling of falling, so you can enjoy loose coordination that does not work too hard no matter what bottom you put together.

Showing 1–8 of 12 results