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百搭上衣 Tops


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  • An elegant turtleneck type knit that warmly wraps up to the neck.
    It fits gently on the body line and makes the silhouette look neat.
    The simple design makes it easy to match, and it can be used not only as a main item but also as an inner layered outfit.
    It is also recommended to arrange them in different colors.

    Acrylic 30% Polyester 29% Rayon 21% Nylon 20%

    Size Width Length Sleeve length Shoulder width Hem width
    S 31.5cm 53.5cm 59cm 26.5cm 32cm
    M 35cm 56cm 60.5cm 28cm 35cm

  • Henry neck pullover with accented color scheme.
    The elastic rib knit is comfortable to wear and fits the body line to make the silhouette look neat.
    It is an item that is useful for a wide range of styling, not only for everyday use, but also for dates and office coordination.

    100% polyester

    Size Width Length Sleeve length Shoulder width Hem width
    S 36cm 57cm 57cm 27.5cm 34cm
    M 38cm 59cm 59cm 30cm 38cm

  • ■ 尺寸:F 均码
    胸围55cm 衣长61cm 袖长81cm 下摆宽54cm
    ■ 材质:腈纶80% 涤纶20%
    连帽衫增加了适度的粗犷感,为协调性增加了一种缺乏感。 通过将针织图案切换为V字形,也有让上半身看起来利落的效果。
    ■ Size: F
    Bust 55cm Length 61cm Sleeve length 81cm Hem width 54cm
    ■ Material: Acrylic 80% Polyester 20%
    A knit pullover with a soft and comfortable ridge knit.
    The hoodie adds a moderate amount of roughness and adds a sense of lack to the coordination. By switching the knitting pattern to V-shape, it also has the effect of making the upper body look sharp.
    It is an attractive item with a simple yet mellow design.
  • ■ 尺寸:F 均码
    胸围51.5cm 身高ma 54cm 全长61cm
    ■ 材质:涤纶50% 人造丝50%
    ■ Size: F
    Bust 51.5cm Height Ma 54cm Ushiro 61cm
    ■ Material: Polyester 50% Rayon 50%
    A dolman sleeve knit that makes you feel relaxed and relaxed.
    Buttons designed on the cuffs add an accent to your outfit.
    A piece that makes the décolletage look feminine and beautiful with a clean opening neckline.
    It is an item with outstanding turning power that can be used regardless of whether it is on or off.
  • ■ 尺寸:F
    胸围背心 50 衬衫 54.3 长度 衬衫 69.5 长度背心 64
    袖长衬衫55.5 肩宽背心42 衬衫38
    ■ 材质:背心涤30% 腈纶27% 人造丝25% 尼龙18% 上衣涤80% 棉20%
    ■ Size: F
    Bust Vest 50 Shirt 54.3 Length Shirt 69.5 Length Vest 64
    Sleeve length shirt 55.5 Shoulder width vest 42 shirt 38
    ■ Material: Vest polyester 30% Acrylic 27% Rayon 25% Nylon 18% Blouse polyester 80% Cotton 20%
    A set of knit vest and shirt that gives you a trendy layered style just by incorporating it.
    The side ribbon gives a casual and sweet look.
    The fluffy sleeves create a feminine atmosphere.
    It is an excellent item that goes well with both skirts and pants and can be used in a variety of ways.
  • ■ 尺寸:F
    胸围:36 长度:59 肩宽:33 由纪长度:71
    ■ 材质:人造丝69% 涤纶31%
  • ■尺码:F 胸围54cm 衣长75cm 袖长49cm 肩宽57cm 下摆宽46cm
    ■ 材质:人造丝45% 棉29% 涤26%
    ■ Size: F Bust 54cm Length 75cm Sleeve length 49cm Shoulder width 57cm Hem width 46cm
    ■ Material: Rayon 45% Cotton 29% Polyester 26%
    A jacquard knit with a diamond pattern that leads to an original look.
    It is a long length and can be taken in without hesitation.
    The clean V-neck creates a feminine atmosphere.
    It’s a simple yet nuanced outfit with outstanding versatility.
  • ■ 尺寸:F 均码
    胸围55.5 衣长58/65 袖长61 袖长71
    ■ 材质:70% 棉、30% 腈纶

Showing 1–8 of 60 results